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Material Source

Japanese Steel (J1, J2,  AISI 410,  AISI 420)
French Steel (Z30, S410).

316L Stainless Steel or pure Titanium for orthopedic implants.

All types of instruments are available in either made of Stainless Steel or Titanium.

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Stainless Steel
Golden Steel Plate
Silver Steel Plate

Stainless Steel

Golden Steel Plate

Silver Steel Plate

Our products are manufactured using the best quality stainless steel as ASTM and DIN standard’s recommended which is imported from USA, GERMANY, FRANCE and JAPAN. The key to our success is our quality assurance. We use the Right material for the Right products. We are also capable and make customized products as well as arrange customized materials for them.

Quality: Facilities

Quality Management System

We are committed to deliver the consistently highest quality products, our extensive quality control department ensures to produce premium quality standard products complying with regulatory and internal requirements.
Our production department has skilled craftsmen using their techniques with modernized machines. Our quality control department is restrict to continuing and expanding our mission of providing best quality health care products.


ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System


ISO 13485:2016

Medical Devices Quality Management System


ISO 22716:2007

Good Manufacturing Practices



Certificate of Conformity

Quality: Our Board

Standards Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System


ISO 13485:2016

Medical Devices Quality Management System

ISO 22716:2007

Good Manufacturing Practices

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CE l

Certificate of Conformity

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Quality Control - Quality Assurance

Technology, Care, and Attention
Each Product Undergo Extensive Quality Checks

Quality: Services
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Shipment Packaging


Poly Bag for Bulk Supplies (Plastic)

Zipper Bag Packaging

Pouch Packaging
Wooden Box Packaging
Rigid Box Packaging

Paper Board Box
Blister Packaging

Bubble Packaging
Bottle & Cap Packaging
Sterile - Non Sterile

Our superior quality products and competitive prices along with dedicated strong skilled team, excellent customer services and marketing, combined with our resources, support to develop company progress, business and regular clientele's worldwide.

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